Monday, February 1, 2010

Song of the Day: Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Unplugged)

In honor of their newest album, I hereby share this song from MTV Unplugged. If there is a dessert called, "Better than sex", than this new album should be called, "Better than better than sex." It is simply fantastic.

Now if anyone would like to donate $35 to my "See Vampire Weekend in concert next month" fund, I would be very appreciative. Sure, Hati is in need, but so is Vampire Weekend and their number 1 fan!

I was watching this unplugged episode the other night and this song was on. It was rather late, and I was sure Calder was asleep. All of a sudden, he emerges from his bedroom and says, "Dad, I heard a strange night time sound. It went wooo... wooo.... wooo!" (in a high pitched voice). I showed him the song and he giggled. Since, he has started to asking me to, "watch the vampires on youtube."

Anyway, enjoy "White Sky" by Vampire Weekend.


Erica said...

They are simply genius. I do have a ticket to the SLC show and am counting down the days. My friend just saw them in NY and said the concert was incredible, like, bring tears to your eyes incredible. They had the people playing the strings at that concert. I hope they are at the SLC too.
Perhaps you can ask the kids in your class to donate to a "singing project" for one of your sons, and just not mention that it's for your concert ticket!

Tyler and Lyndsay said...

Abe! I didn't know you like Vampire Weekend!!! Yeahh!!! Good choice. So proud of you! I might just have to buy you a ticket so you can go.

Cheeseboy said...

That is cool Erica! And Lyndsay & Tyler - Are you going? I want to go very badly.