Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So what's the big deal about the Bachelor?

I don't watch the Bachelor.  In fact, I can't think of a more mind-numbing, doltish, ghastly way to spend an hour of my life.  Nevertheless, everywhere I turn - from the news to facebook to the water cooler at work - everyone (or shall I say every WOMAN) was talking about how disappointed they were in the Bachelor.
I have no idea what happened on the show last night to create such a landslide of infuriated estrogen filled venom.  I mean, what did women expect of this slimeball, pernicious load of crap? 
So what did this bachelor do that has all these gals in a tizzy and ready to implode?  I'm not sure, but I think I might have an idea...
He had a missionary he was waiting for during the entire taping.
He left the toilet seat up, not once - but twice!
He gave every woman on the show Herpes.  (There is a good chance that this actually did happen.)
He took one of the girls to a Jazz game and sat in the (gasp!) UPPER BOWL!
He got a text from a girl and did not return said text in a timely manner.
He refused to get in a hot tub for the 9th time in one day.
He was really a woman.
He filled out form 1040 for his taxes when he clearly needed to fill out form 1040b.
He picked the ugly girl.
He nauseatingly made out with 6 girls in one episode.  Wait, hold on.  I am receiving word that this happens in every episode.
He "twittered" when he clearly should have "twattered".
In the final live scene, when asked by the woman he chose if he really loved her, he looked over to the producers and asked. "LINE... LINE PLEASE!"


Ike said...

You've got a picture of the wrong bachelor up. I didn't watch the show either but I know that. Doesn't really matter though.

Lori said...

I should probably put my "name" as anonymous on this comment...but, I've never been one to hide my face in shame, so why start today. I have a confession...I watched the Bachelor for the first time this year. Blame my husband...he was off at all those Monday night Jazz games and what was I to do???

I have to agree with all those other woman...that Bachelor looked like a good catch all season long, but in the end he looked like a jerk! I can understand if he changed his mind...but he should have done it before coming on national television for the final episode! Loser!

Stacy said...

The bachelor is one of my favorite shows! YEAH!!!! He did all the above to make the women of this world mad, but guess what? if I would've been him, I would've done the same thing (in fact, I'm sure in my life I've done something similar in my dating, just not on national TV). So I'm actually happy that he dumped Melissa for Molly! Good choice bachelor. Now all your lady friends aren't going to like me.