Thursday, March 19, 2009

The brief period in my life that I could have been considered "cool".

There was one point in my life that I was cool. I was 11. I say this with every ounce of humility (you will see why momentarily), I was one of the best eleven year old basketball players you would have ever seen.

Today I received in the mail a video of a basketball game that I played at this young age. I watched the entire thing in awe at my athletic ability. I counted 14 points that I scored in that game, including 12 within about five minutes to take the lead for my team. The amazing thing is that my entire team scored a total of 18 points. Needless to say, we won.

A year later, as a 12 year old, I recall scoring 35 points in a church game. I remember our team lost by about 20, but the opposing players congratulating me after the game. 35 points in one game - it may have been a high water mark on the coolness meter of my life.

About two weeks after my 35 point effort, I broke both my legs... at the same time. I was fitted with casts up to my thighs. Months later, I was fitted with casts to the knees. In all, I was out of commission for about 15 months. My basketball skills diminished and when I finally returned to action I was simply an above average player.

After a brief pause to watch a little NCAA basketball, I am looking at this post and wondering, "Why did I just write this? What was the point?" I suppose after watching myself, I felt like bragging a bit? Perhaps after watching the BYU game I was thinking my game was only 5 years prior to the last BYU tournament win? (He he!) Perhaps I was just thinking about what might have been? Perhaps I just took two nighttime cold meds and truth be told, I am not sure what it was I just wrote. Probably that last thing I just wrote.

As I watched myself run up and down the old Edgehill gym today, the strangest thing was how much I looked and moved like Lincoln. I felt like I was watching Lincoln, albeit a slightly older Lincoln , dribble pass and score. Hopefully, Lincoln never has to wear shorts up to his butt cheeks that give him a game long wedgie. I guess I was not as cool as I originally thought...

By the way, I now realize this is not my best work. However, tonight, given my fragile, sick state of mind, this is what Blog O' Cheese readers are going to get. My apologies to you and your families for the inconvenience.


Tammy said...

Why were you at Edgehill gym?

Cheeseboy said...

Tammy - that was my church

Lindsey V said...

I liked that last thing you just wrote. It was very last thing-y and just wrote-y

Cheeseboy said...

Oh and Tammy, John Thomas was our assistant coach. You should see him in the video, it is great.

Tammy said...

Sorry Abe, I was having a blonde moment. I know Edgehill is your church but when you said you watched yourself run up and down the old Edgehill gym today I was thinking you were actually playing today. You're font is too small for my blind eyes!

Too bad you can't post the video on Facebook or your blog. I'd love to see John T as a coach.