Monday, March 16, 2009

Join Facebook cause of the causes.

Facebook wants to save the world.  Or rather, I should say Facebook members want to save the world.  
Without fail, each and every day I get a request from a fellow Facebooker, requesting that I join their "cause".   All I have to do is click "agree" and that small but meaningful act can move mountains.  In three short months on Facebook so far I have already:

Cured cancer (actual results pending)
Helped break up the BCS (results pending)
Removed Republicans from office (certainly would have not been possible without the Facebook cause I joined)
Gave a few starving African children a fighting chance (results still pending)
Kept Facebook free (results pending)
Saved the rainforests (results pending an investigation by Al Gore)
Kept fluoride in my tap water (results pending Lincoln's next dentist checkup)
Stopped Big Love from airing the temple show (apparently not enough people joined the cause - that's the only reason I can think of)
Of course, besides just joining a cause, you are invited to donate money.  Which is funny because I was recently invited to join a worthwhile Facebook cause and noticed that over 60,000 people had joined in the movement, but the grand total of cash that had been raised was $25.00.  60,000 people and $25!?  That's not even a penny per person.  I guess that tearing down the Statue of Liberty because the French gave it to us is just not as important to people as they say it is.  
I want to start a cause: "Cause to stop all Facebook causes", but as soon as I do I think that someone else will start a cause: "Cause to stop the cause to stop all Facebook causes".  And then what do I do?  
I'm really never sure what to do when I get invited to join a cause that I don't really agree with.  Like this new cause - "Put the Hogle Zoo gorilla down before she goes through much more pain."  The thing is, I like the Hogle Zoo gorilla and I think she's clearly a fighter.  I'm starting a retaliatory cause.  I'd appreciate it if you took a half second out of your day and clicked "agree" - Muke (the cancer gorilla) and I will greatly appreciate it.  (Also, if you want to donate to the cause and keep Muke alive for another month, I accept cash or money orders. (No refunds if/when Muke dies.))


Heather and Jake said...

I am glad that someone is saving the world!

Cheeseboy said...

Hey, wait a minute - you were the last folks I thought I would hear from... Don't you have a baby to take care of? CONGRATULATIONS!