Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No dinner for Abe.

Cathi went to some RS thing tonight and I was left to finish the Mac & Cheese for the boys. 
I dished out one bowl for Lincoln, one bowl for Calder and they went at it.
I got down a glass and filled it with ice for a refreshing Fresca beverage.
I filled a bowl with delicious Mac & Cheese and set it on the counter next to my glass.
I then went to the fridge and pulled out the Fresca.
I then walked over to the counter and proceeded to dump Fresca all over my Mac & Cheese.
Upon hearing my "fake" swearwords like "oh crap", Lincoln could not stop laughing.

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Lori said...

Hey, what a good idea! That probably made Mac and Cheese edible! I thought you were going to say you came back from the fridge and the boys were eating YOUR bowl of mac and cheese. That's what happens at our house. Next time just dump the extra Fresca out, put some real cheese on there,melt it, and have at it!