Thursday, March 5, 2009

I hate license plate holders.

I saw a car today with the license plate holder that said, "My kids are cuter than yours."  REALLY?  Your kids are cuter than mine AND you drive a 1992 Dodge Stratus?  Truly yours IS a charmed life.

I also recently saw a license plate holder that said, "My Lord is my copilot."  REALLY?  I can see your Lord and she is a 350 pound woman wearing a white, stained tank top.

Another favorite of mine is the always touching ode to a lover: "Steve and Michelle - Always together forever."  Ahh.  Michelle looks a lot like an empty seat.

I saw this one on State Street the other day and it really caught my attention: "Caution... PMS victim"  The nice thing about this one is that it works for either a man or a woman driver.  They had their window open and I thought about pulling up and throwing a few maxi pads at them.

Finally, one of the most common license plate holder I have seen on the road (mostly on minivans) says, "Proud parent of an eagle scout."  Sure, it says, "Proud parent of an eagle scout" but what it's really saying is, "Proud parent of a future Mountain Man Rendezvous zealot -  now where's my bolo tie and handkerchief?  I've got a committee meeting to attend over at the stakehouse - pronto!"


Tim and Clarissa said...

My license plate holder just says where I bought my car from, but I love it. It hides the registration sticker on my plate. So I guess I'll never have to register again! I love New Mexico, you can get away with anything!

Ike said...

I hate the ones that sound out the spelling of Mickey Mouse. Why do people love Disney so much? Those people are lame. Or the ones that say you support a University. Just keep your fandom to your self, stop rubbing it in my face. Basically I hate anyone who expresses they have an interest in anything. Those people are lame.

Cheeseboy said...

Clarissa - This is the first good thing I have ever heard you say about New Mexico?! And hey, were you at the baptism? Oh no, wait, you just had the baby, so no. It would have been cool to meet you in person though.

Ike - you are such a smart aleck. Good thing we are bro's.

Stacy said...

What is it with Americans' need to tell all on the back of our cars? One thing that bugs me the most is these guys who have the silhouette of a naked woman in vinyl- especially the angel/devil ones with the tail. What self-respecting women would even consider a guy like that. His truck screams "I am a macho guy who will treat you badly." Give me the mountain man scouter any day. At least he might do me a good turn before he heads off to the rendezvous.

Mackenzie said...

One that I saw said "she who dies the Tannest wins" ?!?!?!?!?!? What a retard!