Monday, April 28, 2008

Why can't we just get out 10 minutes early?

One sometimes frustrating thing about my religion is the inability of anything to end early.  This past Sunday's service ended 10 minutes early and of course we got the obligatory calling on people to bear testimonies out of the audience.  You could feel the congregation sigh as we went through the motions to make sure we filled the entire hour.

When I run for Bishop next term, I will make this promise:  I promise that when a meeting ends, it ends.  There will be no false hope of an early lunch, no pulling out the rug, no "surprise, you're it!"'s at the end of an already long meeting.  No, my term will be filled with love, compassion and short meetings.  Why do we feel like if the time is not spent, it is wasted?  I have been to countless meetings that would have ended on such a spiritual high, had they ended with the last speaker.  Yet, as soon as the presiding authority announces that there will be some surprise speakers, you can feel that high release from the congregation into the sabbath sky.  

Furthermore, I believe that I have more than made up for the time that we would have gotten out early.  We have gone late many more times than we ever get out early.  Is anyone with me on this one?

(For those that may run across this blog that may not be can not "run" for Bishop.  That was a joke.)


Eric said...

I couldn't agree more! That was on my platform last time I ran for Bishop, I think it's why I didn't get elected (joke)

The Yospe's said...

Abe, you will be struck down. You MUST enjoy every minute of church. Every personal, not-so-relevant story! Every 5th and 6th verse of every hymn that is sung! Every prayer that goes 3 minutes too long!

Cheeseboy said...

Thanks for backing me up Eric. I know my thoughts on Mormon Trek were a little controversial, but I think the majority of the people will agree with me on this one. When you run for bishop, I will run for Vice Bishop.

Tim and Clarissa said...

Hey this is Kerianne's little sis again! I agree with you too. You don't have to add time to the meetings! And to add salt to the wound, our meetings go from 2:30-5:30! Have mercy and let us just go early the one time!

Cheeseboy said...

Thanks for backing me on this Clarissa! Feel free to add comments any time. And wow! 2:30 - 5:30?!?! Where do you live that you have that many wards in one building?