Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Forever in Blue Jeans - YEAH!

The greatest singer/song writer of our or any generation was on American Idol last night where the contestants murdered his songs.  The worst being Brooke who sang a country, hick, redneck version of "I Am, I Said".  This is one of the greatest songs ever written and she sang it like she was sitting on the back row of primary, pretending to not care.  She needed someone to give her the primary "louder wand" to help her pick it up a little.  Come on!  Belt it out!  It is I AM, I SAID!!!!  I have only ever heard Neil shout those words to the sky as if they were the most important lyrics in the world.  For her awful rendition of one of my favorite tunes, Brook needs to get the boot.  And no, she should have not changed the lyrics to Arizona.  That was worse than lame.  The song doesn't even make sense with Arizona in it.  Bad advice Neil.

Archie was "brilliant" for his song choice.  Wow, he chose a song that has "America" in it and the show is called "American Idol".  BRILLIANT!  Nobody would have EVER picked that song by Neil.  It is one of his least known.  I think I had heard it once in a July 4th celebration, but I could be wrong.  Way to go Archuletta.  You are an American Idol genius.  As for his "Sweet Caroline".  Why the hell did he not go "BA BA BA"  and "SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD" ???  Is he too good for Neil's antics?

As for Neil, well I was a little disappointed he was not wearing one of his bedazzled vests or shirts. (I wonder how many bedazzlers he owns).  He was really nice to the contestants though, as I knew he would be

Neil might be only man alive with more chest hair than me.

There are two types of people in this world - those that like Neil Diamond and those who don't....I love him.  He may be a solitary man, but you can count me amongst his millions of fans.   It was nice to say hello again to him last night on the show.  I'm a believer of his ever since he married that Kentucky woman.  I remember the first time I heard him on that lovely September morn singing that song sung blue.  It was a beautiful noise.  

Here is Neil in one of my all time favorite commercials.  He is advertising some blue jeans.  I think he was going through a rough stretch at this point and I think he had gained a little weight:


Tammy said...

Amen Abe! But Brooke's first song sucked worst than the second! David Cook should have sang "America", not Archuleta. David Cook is my favorite and he has the voice to pull it off. Poor Jason sounded pretty bad too. It was an all around disappointing night for Diamond songs.

Tammy said...

One more thing, what the heck was up with Paula? I've heard stories about her and her behavior but last night when she thought one person sang 2 songs????? Duh!

tim & brandi said...

Is this post one of those ACT reading comprehension exercises where when you finish, the question is, "How many Neil Diamond songs were referenced in the above passage?" I really am not sure but dying to know.