Friday, April 11, 2008

I am always thinking one step ahead. I am like a carpenter that builds stairs.

Great to see the office return last night. I love when my favorite character, Andy plays a prominent role. He makes me laugh more than anyone. I can really relate to him because I have also had bloody nipples when running. Many people do not know that Ed Helms, the guy that plays Andy, was a reporter on the Daily Show at the same time as Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert. I thought and still think that Ed Helms was the most funny of the three on the show. He has also had the most funny moments on The Office the last two seasons as well. Consider - The punch in the wall, the bloody nipples, the song he sang for Angela with his buddies. Plus, these classic lines last night...

Andy: Tuna! Sup, Tuna. Gonna have some tuna for dinner? [to Pam] I bet you're sick of Tuna, right? Probably have Tuna every night. Tuna!

Michael Scott: Did you know, that candles are the number one fastest growing product in the scent-aroma market? Two billion dollar a year industry. And for only ten thousand dollars YOU could become a co-owner of Serenity by Jan. What do you think about that?
Andy: Thought about it. I'm in.

Still don't believe me? Check this out!


Ike said...

While no one will doubt that Ed Helms is a funny, funny man, I'm going to have to call you on this one. To say he was funnier than Stephen Colbert is outright blasphemy! Colbert was so good that not only did they give him his own show, they have a segment on The Daily Show called "Klassic Kolbert." I have yet to see a "Classic Ed" segment.

I'd even venture to say Rob Corddry was just as funny a correspondent as Helmes, (although his show The Winner was pretty lame - although Abe you might have liked it because it was a lot like Get a Life.)

Cheeseboy said...

The reason there is a "Klassic Kolbert" segment is two fold. 1. To promote Colbert's show that is produced by John Stewart. 2. Colbert is a bigger name right now.

Now, I am not bashing Colbert. The guy is amazing at what he does and no way could Ed Helms pull off a show like that. I am just saying, strictly based on The Daily Show, Helm's reports where just as funny. That was the greatness of the show at the time. All three where so damn good. (By the way, that British reporter they have on now is pretty funny too.)

Cordry was good too, but he got a big head and left too early. He needed some more seasoning before the big time. By the way, the best groomed comics now come from The Daily Show and not SNL.