Thursday, April 17, 2008

Two items of business...

Item #1 - I hate this weather.  The weatherman keep saying, "Just another crazy Utah spring!"  Well, to heck with that!  I don't remember any spring when it was 80 degrees one day and 32 and snowing the next.  Those weatherman are so cocky.  Maybe they would change their tone if they had to take 22 snotty nosed kids out in this weather every morning for 15 minutes.  Ever since Dick Norse retired, the news has just gone to hell (sorry for swearing mom), especially the weather.  

I was not sure who to blame about this weather, but I have some pent up frustration that I need to direct somewhere.  I started with God, but blaming God for anything is a dicy situation.  If God really does control the weather, he certainly could strike me with a bolt of lightning at any time.  Since I blamed him for awhile and was not struck down, I decided it could not be his fault.

I next tried to blame Mother Nature.  That did not work either and here is the reason:  Mother Nature is like Old Mother Hubbard, she does not exist.  Plus, if Mother Nature does exist, she might know God and we are back at the lightening thing.

I have decided there is only one person left to blame and that is Al Gore.  He told me that the earth was warming up.  He lied and he is a liar.  Al Gore can take his global warming and shove it where the sun don't shine, which apparently is Utah, but only ever other day.

Item #2 - Ladies, please do not be offended but  I really do not like a new woman's fashion trend.  Many of the teachers in my school have been wearing blouses with doilies at the bottom.  You know the things on the top of Grandma's couches?  Well, women seem to think that is is lovely to wear these doilies at the bottom of their shirts.  Thankfully, Cathi has not bought into this trend.  I am not sure where you can buy these shirts.  Maybe the Dickens festival?  

(Please, if you own one of these shirts, please do not be offended and stop wearing them.  I am sure many men find them attractive and perhaps even your husband.  As just a personal preference, I do not like them.  Sorry.  And I posted this because my mom told me to post whatever I want on my blog.) 


Heather and Jake said...

Well at least I agree on the weather. As far as the doilies go, you need to get it straight, buddy. It's lace. It's soft and stretchy and covers even more of the small of girls' backs which they try to cover to be modest. So yes, I do own 3 of these shirts, and I enjoy them very much. Lace, although not to be worn in excess, makes a girl feel girlier. Doilies stay on grandma's couch.

Tammy said...

I agree with the quacky weather! At least when I watch channel 13 I know they are usually wrong but now channel 2 is getting it wrong too!

As for the "doily" shirts, I don't any of these and don't plan to buy any BUT it's good to know you hate them so much so if I ever want to really bug you at a family function, I now know what to wear :)

The Yospe's said...

Switch to channel 13... we call it the "silly news". It's always good for a laugh. Or, even better, KJZZ Cafe!

Cheeseboy said...
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Cheeseboy said...

Heather - I am sorry I offended you. I am sure Jake likes your lace, ask him!

Tammy - I would not judge you. Lots of really nice people I know wear the lace shirts. For example, my sister in law Heather.

Jordan - Watched KJZZ cafe this morning and they actually said this - " Too bad you don't have SMELLERVISION! You could smell what our chef is cooking up right now." Ha ha, smellervision.