Sunday, April 27, 2008

I take no credit for Lincoln's good looks.

I dropped Lincoln off at a birthday party yesterday for a kid in his class.  When I picked him up, I was invited inside and there I stood in the midst of about 7 very attractive women in their early 20's.  I have no idea who these women were.  I can only assume one of them was the boy's mother and the others were her friends.  Anyway, they asked me if I was Lincoln's father to which I replied that I was.  

The women showered Lincoln with compliments that I had only dreamed of receiving from a group of lovely ladies.  They called him, "a future lady killer".  They said he is "sooooooo cute!"  They also said they "loved his dimples" and "he has the deepest brown eyes."  They also said that he had been "making silly poses for all the pictures" and "making our hearts melt".  

Well, I will take about 10% of the credit for his good looks.  The rest goes to his mom.  She really has the deeper, darker eyes, and I certainly don't have dimples.  No wait, I will take credit for his corny poses for the camera.  That in fact, I do do.

I'm afraid that when Lincoln is in high school and in college, he will make up for all the girls I did not kiss during that time.  I am going to have to have some frank discussions with him about girls with him.  Clearly, he is going to need to know that he should only date the super cute ones.  (Only kidding, he can date the pretty cute ones too.)


Tammy said...

Abe, once again you are reading my mind. Scary! I went to visit my friend and her 2 week old baby yesterday. The baby has deep blue eyes. They say most babies are born with eyes this color. I was telling her about Lincoln and Calder having such dark eyes but I couldn't remember if they were born with them that color or were they dark blue????

Of course, I think the boys are darling and look like a good combination of you AND Cathi!

The Yospe's said...

he won't have to kiss many to make up for the ones you "missed"

Cheeseboy said...

Yes, Jordan. He will have made up for the ones I "missed" the week after he turns 16.