Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To The Johnsons

This is a story that another one of my most favorite students, Hannah J. wrote.  I must say that this is probably the longest, funniest and best story a First Grade student has ever written for me.  She is a superb writer.  I have been testing kids individually this week and she wrote this for me all by herself while I was gone.  Please understand that the poor spelling is on purpose as this is the exact way in which she wrote it.

To The Johnsons
by Hannah J.
(a fantusy)

Once I was ridding my bike.  I came to the big hill.  Down that hill no one knows.  People try to go down there but they never come back.

People say it is so nice down there but ow do they know if they never been there?  They say there grandma lives down there.  Yeah right.

My friend went down there 3 years ago and he's never came out.  I'm still wantting for him to come out.  

My mom does not know tonight I'm going down there.  I want to find my best friend.  I want to meet my Grandma and Grandpa.  Maybe there still going down the big Hill.

But it is only a maybe.  But I am scerd that I will not come up.  So I'm not really going tonight tonight.  

But maybe when my mom goes out with my dad.  I'll leave a note just so if they never see me ever agian.  But that will be in a long time.  I want to go tonight but I don't dare.  My mom and dad will get mad and they will start to cry and I will miss them.  They are like the only people in my life!  I don't want to miss them a lot.

But I want to find out what or who is down there.  But maybe I will go in one year.  But maybe I will not.  but I think I will do it in 300 years.  But maybe I'll do it when my mom and dad go out on a date to the Jazz game.

The big hill is cool but I still don't want to go down the big hill.  But it's really cool.  Maybe it is really a clif and not a hill.  But I dowt that.  But it mite really be.  But I dowt that.

I know I tolte you al redy.  But I really dowt that.  I do!  I do!  I really do!  Well let's get back to the stroy.  Shall we?

So like I was saying it mite be a clif.  And I said that I dowt that.  I disideid I'm going to go down the big hill.  

My mom and dad said they are going to the Jazz game.  They said they Jazz game was going to be ecra long.  I lefed a note and it said:

Dear Mom and Dad,
I went out with my friend's house.  
It is Pete's house but we mite go to someone's house.
Hope you had a good date.  

I have my things redy.  Let's go!  I am now hiking down the hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!

After that day no one ever saw her ever again.

Brilliant!!  It is stories like these that I realize why I became a teacher.

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The Yospe's said...

Funny Stuff! You, mom, and Kate should put together a book of funny kids things say. It seemed kate would come home at least a couple times a week with a new one.