Sunday, April 13, 2008

For Luke, Love Barney..

Here I am, dressed as Barney for Lincoln's birthday party.  Lincoln was totally embarrassed that I went and put this thing on for his "big kid" friends, but I am sure it is only the beginning of a long line of times in which I will embarrass him.  

Jana, if you want me to wear this costume next Sunday, I will.  Well, I may not wear it to drive there, but once I get there, I will for sure put it on.

There is a long line of stories associated with this and the beaver costume.  It seems that every buddy of mine has at some time has owned one of these costumes.  

I wore this Barney costume 4 years ago for Halloween and my entire class was embarrassed to march with me.  Apparently, once you have reached the First Grade, Barney is the least cool thing in the world. For me, it would be like being caught at a country music concert.  Or worse, being caught at a Clay Aiken concert.  Marching behind Barney was pure torture for them.  They saw themselves as a bunch of babies, wearing diapers and standing in line behind a giant pacifier.  I can still see their red faces as we marched through the six grade classrooms to "BARNEY!! HEY, IT'S THE BARNEY KIDS!" It was humiliating for them, but for me it was pure entertainment. 


Jana Banana said...

I love it! Yes, wear it, that will be so funny! I wouldn't be surprised if he is terrified of you as that is how it seems to go with Luke- Like with Mickey Mouse in Disneyland...he wouldn't even go near him!

I showed Luke the pictures and he can't believe that Lincoln met Barney! He is so excited about that!

Thanks for sharing!

tim & brandi said...

The Barney costume!!!! Oh how I've missed that thing. I've got some great memories. Do you remember the first time the Jazz made the NBA finals and they would do the live helicopter shots of the crowd from the Delta Center? Barney made the news then. I also remember taking him up to the U during finals week and walking into classrooms half way through a test, just to really confuse people. I still have the pictures that you sent me of the beaver costume in Yellowstone. That was the only time that I wished that I wasn't on my mission (not really) so that I could have experienced that trip.

Cheeseboy said...

Tim, I was still on my mission when the Barney costume made the rounds at the U and the first finals run. No one ever told me about the Barney at the NBA finals! That is awesome. I guess the story was told at Levi Snarr's funeral that he would order a pizza under the name "Barney" and then go pick it up in the Barney costume. This costume has seen so many good times.