Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lincoln's day at school. (Not for the faint of stomached)

I had the following conversation with my seven year old son Lincoln yesterday...

Abe: How was your day at school today?

Lincoln: Good, but the GROSSEST thing happened.

Abe: What would that be?

Lincoln: We had to switch seats and get into groups. I had to sit in this slobbery girl named Betty's seat. (Actual name has been changed to protect the slobbery)

Abe: Oh yeah?

Lincoln: Yeah, and I put my hand under her chair to move it and when I lifted it up I had the biggest, longest, slimiest, grossest booger I have ever seen on it.

Abe: OH YUCK! What did you do? Did you ask your teacher if you could wash your hands?

Lincoln: No. I just wiped my hand on my pants.

Abe: Oh yeah, well that makes sense. Did you at least put hand sanitizer on?

Lincoln: Well, not until lunchtime.

Abe: How long was that?

Lincoln: I don't know. Probably a long time.

Abe: Well, your pants probably sanitized your hand enough.

Lincoln: Yeah, probably.

(Pants have since been decontaminated, sanitized and thoroughly cleaned. Still no sign of the swine flu)