Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The joys of teaching in Utah.

I was playing a game with the kids today. Essentially, I ask each table a question. They talk amongst themselves and if they are able to answer the question correctly, I give them five points. If they are wrong, I move onto the next table.

Question: Who were the first people ever to live in America?
Answer: The American Indians

Table 1- Who were the first people ever to live in America?

[Discussion amongst the group]

"The pioneers?"

Good answer, but no. Table 2?

[Discussion amongst the group]

"The Columbus people?"

Good answer, but no. Table 3?

[Discussion amongst the group]


I'm not sure, but I am going to say no, because that is not what this card says. Table 4?

[Discussion amongst the group]

"Adam and Eve?"

After I am done laughing, I have no idea how to respond. How should I have responded?? I gave them some points but did not say they were right or wrong, only that it was an interesting answer. The next table finally got the answer right.


Tammy said...

One more reason I could never be a teacher :)

CaraDee said...

And we all know where the American Indians came from. *snort, chuckle*