Sunday, July 5, 2009

Inspiration has inspired me to try harder to be inspired by it.

Five days of blissful retreat in the shadows of the mountains. Five days. Five day to gather inspiration like gathering armfuls of blossoms of blue. The towering peaks, the breathtaking lakes, the stunning sites. Inspiration came. Inspiration germinated. Inspiration amplified through my brain like a gosh-awful Jonus Brothers ring tone in an empty grocery store.

As we pulled into the driveway, I finally realized what it was that I would be writing about today...

The McDonalds Playland rules.

That's it. That's what I came up with. 5 days; glorious mountains - McDoanld's Playland rules. Ugh.

I don't believe that I should even be writing a blog any longer. I am a shoddy blogger. I am a "shod-blog", a "shlobber". MaybeI should just quit now while I am ahead - pull a Seinfeld, but without the awful final and the horrible credit card commercials.

I guess that I could still poke fun of the McDonalds Playland rules, but what would be the point? I suppose inspiration has failed me. Those "blossoms of blue" turned out to be "blossoms of crap". Maybe they were still blossoms, but they were made out of crap. I have run it through my head time and time again, and there just is no comedy in the McDonalds Playground to be found. It's dull, bland, uninteresting and flat - kinda like taking a BYU coed on a date to the BYU creamery.

I am ashamed in my blogging ability. I've lost it. Five days in the mountains and I don't have a single thing to provide my readers. I am a blogging loser... a blooser.

I apologize to you all. Inspiration failed me. I am hoping for a swifty return. (I had even gathered the armfuls the whole meadow over, to no avail.)


Tammy said...

Pictures are always nice, funny, inspirational, etc!

Doug said...

You got to pull yourself together Abraham!!!! Just a little writers block. I'll become a BYU fan if you stop your blog. How's that for a threat!

Cheeseboy said...

No Doug. No!!! I am back on the ball here. You're right - I did have some bad writers block. I get that every so often. So, keep your BYU booties on (or off) cause I am back!

Doug said...

Friends don't let friends root for the TDS!!! Abe, you my friend, are a true friend!!! Love the blog and you'll always have a fan here!!! We had good times sitting next to each other in George Henry's choir class. Or was it some lady that Ben Hollingshaus, Chase and the rest of us that drove her to quit and go into counseling. Mrs. Apple something? Do you remember?

Cheeseboy said...

I do remember that Doug. That lady was just not cut out to be a teacher. We really were not that bad a class.

The best class we had together had to be that child care class. That was class was superb.

Doug said...

Your right... Child Care was the funnest class ever. Mrs. Elliott was so random. I have never been kicked out of that many classes before. But she always would boast about how kids those days needed to be like us. Anyways, i went and visited her with Chase Cannon and Steve Akerlow after we got back from our missions and she came flying out of the classroom and jumped into our arms like we were here sons returning from a war (I did serve in some areas in North Carolina ghetto that felt like a warzone). Good times tho! i would love to go back to senior year knowing what I know now.