Thursday, July 16, 2009

Want to hang out with the Cheeseboy? Better stay away from these phrases.

Would YOU like the pleasure of hanging out with ME?! Unlikely... but REALLY unlikely if you say one of the following things during our first conversation:

(Many of these were actually said to me recently)
  • All of our babies were born in a large, metal barrel in our backyard. Backyard births are beautiful.
  • ...and then my dad cut the umbilical cord.
  • We should get together and exchange mission stories some time. (I've had people tell me this that didn't even go to the same mission as me)
  • My wife and I met at a quilting party at BYU.
  • We looked for a house in Sugarhouse, but there were all these Obama signs on the lawns and we just didn't feel right about it.
  • Ryan Seacrest is so cool - and uber talented!
  • We only eat organic.
  • We have to be home before The Bachelor starts. (I don't care if you watch the Bachelor, but if you have to go out of your way to watch it, that is where I draw the line)
  • We were watching "Ward Ball" the other night and I could just not stop laughing!
  • Do you play World of Warcraft?
  • Tim Burton's movies are just too "out there" for me.
  • We just don't believe in public education.
  • Well, I can't help it... I've always been a Lakers fan.
  • - Referring to pants as "slacks". -
  • All 8 of our kids are named after famous prophets from the Pearl of Great Price.
  • I wish there was "tunnel singing" in Salt Lake.
  • My kids were playing in Liberty Park and I have never been so scared in my life!
  • Finally, you probably will not be invited over to my house for "game night" if you look like one of these people:


Tammy said...

I think the only line I've said is the one about Liberty Park. But I was justified since the very next day there was a shooting in the same place I'd been!

The Yospe's said...

Was it mom that said the bible names one?.... abram, isaac, jacob, esther....

Cheeseboy said...

True Jordan. I will still hang out with her though.

Lindsey V said...

Well I guess we can never hang out. I look just like Hoda/Hooda/Huda. Plus my babies were born in a metal barrel in my backyard.

brermomo said...

Hmm...I'm going to have to go pull out my PofGP to see if there are really 8 famous prophets...

Just a minute, I'm checking....

OK, I'm back, and I guess, technically, you could do it.

Moses and Abraham, of course.
Then a long treatise re/ Enoch.

We really can't count God the Father and Jesus, can they are out. OK, we are up to three.

Adam, I guess he was a great prophet. Was his son Able? Hmmm...that's stretching it.

That's four (and a half)

There's Noah (five)
Methusela (really? I'm giving him another half (five and a half)

Oliver Cowdrey (hmmmm...)
Martin Harrie (hmmmm again...)

Professor Anton (he was certainly prophetic...I'll give him a point. That's six and a half)

J. the Baptist appeared in there somewhere. (Seven and a half)

Now, to get the 8th, you'd have to use Satan, who is certainly a great and famous prophet of the underworld. So, there you are!

Cheeseboy said...

Lindsey - well, those are the breaks, I suppose.

Margaret - You have inspired me to name my next kid Methusela if it is a girl and Professor Anton if it is a boy.

You are too funny!