Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NEVER mix religion with First Grade!

It seems that my class is on a roll. They are supplying me with endless comedy gold lately. In fact, our conversations seem to have taken an inadvertent religious turn lately. Here are a few examples:

Mr. Cheeseboy: [Asking the group a series of First Grade questions] What country is directly above the United States?

Thomas: [thinking real hard] Heaven???

During Christmas time we were discussing how different cultures celebrate the holidays. When we were done learning, the students were asked to write about which celebration is their favorite and one thing they learned. Anthony wrote: "I like Hanukkah because people remember Jesus."

During my first year of teaching, after reading the book DOGzilla, I asked the kids, "Does anyone know who GODzilla is?" Kyler responded, "Yeah, he is the one that made all the ZILLAS."

A couple days ago, we were discussing the word "dumb" and why it is mean to call someone that word. I was explaining that "dumb" used to mean someone that could not hear or talk. Emma chimed in, "Yeah, and it also means that you are really, really happy." I think she had her bad words that you shouldn't say mixed up.

Just yesterday we had the cracks on our playground filled with tar. The kids were continually playing with it - pulling it up and getting it all over themselves. When we came in from recess, I very firmly told them, "Tar is awful. It's sticky and gross and if you get it on your clothes, it will NOT come out! If you go home with tar all over yourselves, your mom is going to kill you!"

Thomas [again Thomas] says, "Is that why they put tar on Joseph Smith?"

Yes Thomas, they put tar on Joseph Smith because they knew when he got home, he was going to really get it from his mom.


Stacy said...

It's nice to know my daughter has such a great understanding of vocabulary. You know, once when she was about 3, she was closing her eyes and walking around the house saying "I'm blonde, I'm blonde"- meaning "I'm blind." We just said, "Oh honey- you sure are!" (Blonde, that is).

Tammy said...

Kids are so funny! You could probably write a book just on everything you hear from them every day!

I remember being in Nathan's class when they were talking about Presidents for Presidents Day. The teacher asked the general question "Who was the first President" and the overwhelming response was "Joseph Smith!" The teacher isn't LDS so I had to explain to her why so many people thought that and wanted to draw that as their President.