Sunday, May 10, 2009

A few acronyms to explain things and a discourse on my love of "Cop Rock" (I'm sorry, it's because of the writers block)

Folks that read the Cheese Blog:

Just a little FYI on the D.L. - below the S.O.T.D. there are two posts that you may not have seen. It seems that if I post a S.O.T.D (Song of the Day) after my first post, my first post will be largely ignored. Total B.S. Please check out the posts below so they will get the attention they deserve.

Also, just in case you were wondering, tonight I have seemed to stumble upon a rugged and stubborn case of writers block. I can't seem to think of anything to write about for the life of me. Alas, in desperation to keep my reading audience, I shall tell you of my love for one of my all time favorite television shows: Cop Rock. Cop Rock was a short lived television series that aired for once season in 1990 on ABC. Cop Rock was sited in 2002 by TV Guide as the #8 worst TV show of all time. Nevertheless, even as a sarcastic, jaded 15 year old boy - or should I say especially as a sarcastic, jaded 15 year old boy - I was heartbroken when I heard of it's cancellation.

The beauty of Cop Rock was that it was a very dramatic, very serious police drama. However, at two or three moments in each episode, the characters would stop what they were doing and break out into song. It was ridiculous, doltish, pathetic and oh so very entertaining. Each and every week I would laugh my guts out and I am almost positive that is not the reaction the producers were hoping for. Certainly not from a sarcastic, jaded 15 year old.

One of my favorite episodes involved a very emotional scene in which the jury has been deliberating on a murder case for some time. The suspense builds and when they finally give the verdict we get this: (Yes, this show really did exist. I swear!)


Esther said...

This is like the show Eli Stone. The premise of that show is that Eli Stone has a brain tumor which causes him to hullucinate that his co-workers (and George Michael) break out into song and dance routines. Oh. And he's a lawyer. Total rip off of Cop Rock!

Cheeseboy said...

Yes, that's right Esther. I never watched Eli Stone, but I remember thinking - what a total rip off of Cop Rock.