Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Buddy Lembeck was really thinking everyday...

I'm Buddy.

College. Girls. Charles.

I am in so much mischief. Where's Charles?

How old is that girl he takes care of? When does she turn 18?

I wish they made double stone washed jeans. Stone washed jeans that they stone wash again. That's double stone washed. Stone washed twice.

I am so good at helping Charles go on two dates at one time.

Charles. That guy is the best.

"Lives downstairs and it's understood." What exactly is "understood". That he is waiting for that girl upstairs to turn 18?

I got to get Charles more dates.

We should totally go to the lake this weekend. I know those girls that wear miniskirts are in.


Tank tops look really cool with stone washed jeans.

I wish my jeans could be more fluffy on the sides.

I should totally get Charles a date tonight.

Am I still in college?

How does Hammer get his pants to wing out like that?

My hair is so curly.

Did Charles need a date tonight?

How old am I again?


Double stone washed. Double. The lake.


Esther said...

That is sooo weird. I was just thinking that about Charles in Charge last night. About how those girls he was "babysitting" were so close to his age and how t.v. now days would've made him interested in them and wanting them to turn 18! What are the odds that we would both be thinking that? It's eerie!

Tammy said...

I liked this show but I'm still not sure why. I hated "Buddy" on Eight is Enough and I hated him on this show too! And I never thought Charles was cute as Chachi so why bother watching him in his own show?

Oh well. Thanks for reminding me of a show I'd completely forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I heard you ran into Charles on your mission :)

Ike said...

Little known fact that Abe actually tracted into Charles on his mission!

Ike said...

Wow, jinx! I swear that anonymous comment wasn't there 2 seconds ago.

Traci said...

Did you know that Buddy is on a reality show on VH1 (of course) called Broke and Famous? It's all about how he used to be famous, but now he's broke, and they brought in a financial advisor to straighten out his finances. What would stars of the 80's do without VH1?