Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cheeseboy's second annual "Best Posts of the Year Awards".

It was much more difficult this year to select my favorite posts. I did my best and narrowed it down and then ranked the top ten. I used the feedback, comments and just my own gut to select what I believed were the ones that made people laugh the most. (Plus, there's nothing quite like a good pat on the back to make yourself seem more important) So, in case you missed anything, here are my top ten posts of '09. (Links included, in case you forgot or wanted to revisit them) PLEASE VOTE IN THE POLL ON THE RIGHT FOR THE ONE THAT YOU THOUGHT WAS THE MOST ENTERTAINING!

1. Thursday, July 9 - Please breastfeed in public. (I AM NOT A SEXIST PIG!)
This is a quite hilarious (if I do say so myself) retrospect of why I encourage breastfeeding in public, and not for the reasons you might think.

2. Tuesday, August 16 - No you may not Calder!
Calder announces to the world that he wants to cut a body part off and Lincoln gets the giggles.

3. Friday, December 18 - Best First Grade program EVER!
Video of me making a total jackass of myself to help benefit our First Grade program.

4. Tuesday, May 28 - Haircut night gone awry.
Calder fights getting a haircut and the results take 2-3 weeks to overcome.

5. Tuesday, August 11 - Just call me "Abe".
A humorous essay on why people I am some strange, foreign man from Scandinavia.

6. Tuesday, September 15 - Perhaps the funniest true Dollar Store story you will ever hear!
Some bad stuff happened to me that day in the Dollar Store. Some REAL bad stuff.

7. Wednesday, September 23 - Real life stories of a Murray househusband.
What really goes down when husbands are assigned to watch the kids while their wives have "Girl's Night Out".

8. Wednesday, August 12 - How am I supposed to write a ovel whe my computer is missig a letter?
The shameful results of being forced to use a "loaner" laptop without a "N" button while awaiting a new one.

9. Wednesday, February 18 - Cheeseboy's Rules for Hugging
A set of social norms for social situations that involve hugging.

10. Wednesday, January 28 - Mr. Belvadere v. Tony Danza
One of my blogging goals in life is to write stuff that will make my brother Ike laugh and I know he loved this one.


Jana Banana said...
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Ike said...

You know I love anything belvadere

lindsey v said...

My favorite was for sure the ovel - but Calder's haircut came in a close second. That was pretty dang funny.