Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone! (And a little holiday video to boot!)

This is another song I taught the kids that we did for our program, that I am NOT in. We had two performances - one for the school kids and one for the parents. For both, this song was a HUGE hit. But the school kids cheered for two straight minutes when we were done. Some of the first graders were so embarrassed by the huge ovation that they almost started to cry. We seriously practiced this song over 200 times it seemed, and the end result was quite hilarious. We especially practiced the freezing in between songs, which also is hilarious at times. Keep your eyes peeled for the moonwalker. She is brilliant! (How are we ever going to make this program better next year?!?!) Here is, "The Snowman Song". (Original Score by "InsideOut")

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