Thursday, July 31, 2008

A tour of my hair.

Proof positive that I am a hairy man.

 My lower leg.  If you will notice, the dark layered fur, proudly protruding forth in exclamation of it's thickness.  The roots run deep here.  Deep like the muddy waters of the mighty Mississippi.

My arm hair.  When the wind blows, the thick locks curl in unison, waving together like the dense forest trees of the Amazon river.

My head - no signs of balding... yet.  Also, notice the lush and stodgy brow.  Both lines of bristle reaching out towards each other in desperate hope of collision.  Unibrow or no unibrow, the hair will not be denied of it's rightful place.

That is all of my hair that I feel it is appropriate to share on my blog.


Tammy said...

Hmmm. Not much to comment on with your hair except I guess it's good you aren't balding???

Switching subjects . . . I bought Nathan the 1st JunieBJones book. This is going to cost us a small fortune since there's about 1000 books and we are already more than halfway through this first one and it's only day two! He love it though so thanks for the suggestion. We also got "Nate the Great" book 1. Have you heard of it?

Cathi said...

Yes, Nate the Great is a good one. We need to start reading chapter books with Lincoln.

Tammy said...

WHAT? You aren't already reading chapter books to Lincoln?? I'm shocked!!
I only got Nate the Great because of the name so I'm glad you think it's a good one!

Lori said...

What??? This is a very strange post....maybe you're coming down with something....have you been to the doctor's lately???

Tammy said...

haha lor!