Thursday, April 23, 2009

My birthday present wish list.


(I’ve crossed out the items I cannot afford.)

1. Medieval suit of armor.

2. Macrame plant holder.

3. Personalized magician showing by Harry Schudinni.

4.  Croc – skinned crocs.

5. Giant sized harmonica.

6. A cameo in the next Pauley Shore movie.

7. A gift card to Build-A-Bear Workshop.

8. Combination snow cone/cotton candy maker.

9. “Quest For Perfection” tee shirt.

10. Susan Boyle bobble-head

11. A large bag of caffeinated sunflower seeds. (They really exist!)

12. Armband to hold iPod while I run.

13. Season tickets to University of Utah football games.


tim and brandi said...

I REALLY want #8 too! But mostly just the snow cone machine. Tim said that apparently they make refrigerators with ice makers that have a "snow cone" option. Someday.


Tammy said...

I also like #8 and I haven't heard of a refrigerator with a snow cone option but I would LOVE it! And the cotton candy maker too!

Tammy said...
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Tyler and Lyndsay said...

Hope your Birthday was everything you wished for and more. Trust us when we say that if we were loaded, you would have all of those items (and so would we-haha). You're right... someday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Traci said...

We would be willing to pay for half of #3 if we could come too. Just tell us when....

Cheeseboy said...

I knew you would like that one Traci. I threw that one in there just for you and Spencer!