Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Homonym fun - by Cheeseboy

Can you get carpel tunnel by carpooling through tunnels too often?
If a horse gets married, does it wear a bridal bridle?
If Alphabet cereal were numbers, would it be serial cereal?
If Tom Cruise took his family on a ship would it be called "Cruise' Crew's Cruise"?
If you checked out a book at the library about wet poop  would it be a "Due dewy do-do"?
If Richard Simmons owned a boat, would he call it the "Fairy Ferry".
Why did the chimney sneeze?  It had a "flu".  
If Robin Hood's sidekick worked at McDonalds, would he be known as "Friar Frier"
If a clown gets strangled by a clown hater, would it be called "going for the juggler's jugular"?
If the Lochness Monster ate bagels, would he put lox on it?  
Sometimes, after I cut the lawn, I am in a real mowed mode.
If Lindsay Lohan got a part in a movie where she played a brave woman, would she be a "Heroine Heroin"?

He he.  That was fun.  More to come.


granny.yospe said...

did you make these up? I can't imagine being that quick witted (me---not you--I always know you are quick witted.)

Cheeseboy said...

Yep, they were all me mom.

sacdaddy said...

If a hot dog won a race would he be the wiener?

Ike said...

Abe, if you don't want to teach anymore maybe you could be the official joke writer for Laffy Taffy?

Cheeseboy said...

Laffy Taffy Ike? Really? How much does it pay?

Steve - we need to get together soon.

sacdaddy said...

serious. Call for a good time.

eight oh one - five two oh - three nine two six. or whitesteve @ hotmail