Friday, April 10, 2009

A funny day at the Pediatrician's office.

Yesterday Calder and Lincoln visited Dr. Alred for their yearly checkup.  They appear to be healthy, although we did find out that Calder has an ear infection.  Because of spring break, I was able to attend.  Our visit was filled with funny moments...
  • After Calder was done with his checkup, the doctor asked him if he wanted a sucker. He looked at the doctor and said, "REALLY?  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!"
  • We told Calder that the doctor would be checking all his body parts.  Calder asked, "Even my penis?"  Yes, Calder, even your penis.  The rest of the day, Calder walked around saying, "THE DOCTOR CHECKED MY WHOLE BODY - EVEN MY PENIS."
  • I had to help Lincoln pee in a cup for his first time.  If you have ever had to help a boy do this for the first time, it is quite an experience.  I'll just say, we were lucky to get out of there without any major spills.
  • We stopped by Grandma and Grandpa McPheeter's house before going home.  They gave Lincoln and Calder each a bag full of Easter goodies.  Lincoln looked at the bottom of the bag and asked, "When did Grandma and Grandpa go to China?"


granny.yospe said...

Think a boy is bad--try helping a little girl pee in a cup!

Gardner said...

I love your boys. They are the best. (Well after Hayden!

Lori said...

Your kids are so funny!