Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Saturday I shall run a half marathon. This time, not alone. I will girdle up my loins, strap on my overused Nikes and run like the wind.
More accurately, I will run like a soft breeze. Here is the problem: According to my records, I obtained a nasty cold on March 18. This cold lasted a full three weeks. It seemed to finally subside and I was able to run minimally for about a week around March 31. Shortly after, my cold either returned or I obtained a new cold. This cold hit me even harder and came with headaches, severe drowsiness and more coughing than a coughing machine.
I have begun to get better from this second strain and besides the occasional cough, I feel fine. I went to the doc's on Monday. I seem to have developed a strange crinkling sound/sensation in my lung on the right side. Having had Pneumonia several times in my life, I was freaking out a bit. The doctor did a chest X-Ray and it came back normal. The doctor told me that it was probably just some gunk from the cold rolling around.
One of my student's mom paid the $70. entry fee and they will be there rooting for me. Dropping out is not really an option.
I was finally able to run tonight... 7 miles to be exact. I have not really run in almost a month and I realized that I am completely out of shape. 13 miles is going to be a real chore - 7 miles was rough enough. My strange crackling sensations have seemed to have gotten worse, and being the enormous hypochondriac that I am, it scares me a little. But I assume that if something were really wrong with me, I probably would have not been able to run 7 miles.
So, we'll see how Saturday goes. Maybe I'll be breaking records with my new crackling lungs and out of shape beer belly. If you want to cheer me on, I will be running from 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM and the race ends at the Gateway. I will be starting with my good friend Jesse. My sister-in-law, Jana, will also be running.
Sorry, no humor in me today. I apologize for the boring post.


Esther said...

Good luck! I am totally going to cheer you and Jana on.

Tammy said...

It's a $70 entry fee?? Many people in my ward are doing it too. I was invited but declined the invite :) so I'll be thinking of you running instead. Have fun running!

P.S. I've heard how easy it is to get out of shape as you described but it's nice to finally hear it from someone I know rather than "experts" on TV.

Lori said...

The idea of voluntarily running 13 miles is so far beyond anything I can imagine wanting to do. Good luck!

Jana Banana said...

Good luck tomorrow Abe! I know you will still leave me in the are a running machine no matter what! See ya bright and early!