Monday, January 11, 2010

How to Justify your Guilt.

How to Justify your Guilt.
By Cheeseboy - King of Justification.

1. Caught in the hall during Sunday School talking to a buddy? Just trying to set up a Home Teaching Appointment.

2. Home Teaching a wash this month? Plan on bringing some cookies next month to make up for it.

3. Forget the cookies? Remind yourself that at least you got out this month.

4. Forget to tell your companion about the appointments? Plan on taking him some cookies next month to go along with the cookies you forgot for your families.

5. Leaving early from the function so you don't have to take down folding chairs? You've got kids with a routine bedtime! You don't mess with a routine bedtime.

6. Realize your wife could take the kids home while you stay and help? You've got to get home and bake those cookies?

7. Asking your wife to bake cookies while you sit and watch football on the couch? It's been a long day and cookies are complicated.

8. Do you find yourself eating most of the cookies before you can take them to your obligatory families? They're really good, plus these families don't even know that they were to be potentially getting cookies anyway.

9. Do you find yourself thinking that there is no point in even going now that you don't have the cookies? Well, there is still 3 weeks left in the month.

10. Are your kids crying because there are no homemade cookies left? Luckily there are a package of 10 month old Ding Dongs in the pantry.

11. Kids puking their guts out at 2:00 in the morning and your wife getting up with them? You do have to go to work in 5 hours.

12. Wife tired and craggy from being up all night? Good thing you are going to a Jazz game tonight.

On second thought... I am not really an expert in this, but it works for me.


Matthew said...

That is funny stuff!

Tyler and Lyndsay said...

Now I will know what your answer will be next time we ask you to stay and help... routine bedtime. Got it.
Funny. Better not have too many people read this... you will have to come up with new excuses/ways to justify!!!!

Dr. Clint said...

Cheeseboy, I love your blog man. Your a funny sonofagun.

Tammy said...

Ha Ha Ha! That's funny!