Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Resolutions

My 2010 Resolutions. (A little late, but my resolve is strong)

1. Begin writing my list of resolutions.


2. Make a list of attainable, worthwhile, rewarding, realistic goals that will benefit myself and my family for years to come.

Next year.

3. Invent a diaper bag that allows me to snack in church without people sitting on the stand noticing.

4. Give Paula Abdul a bigger tip the next time she waits on me at IHOP.

5. Start up a cause to stop the starvation of Victoria Beckam.

6. Learn how to fix a toilet without just shaking the handle.

7. Learn to play the open back 5 string banjo.

8. Learn to fix a toilet by playing an open back 5 string banjo.

9. Host the Tonight Show.

10. Lose 5 pounds, then gain 3, then lose 6 and gain 5, then lose 10, then gain 8 for a total net of a five pound loss, (which I will gain back by Christmas).