Sunday, January 24, 2010

BACK from Florida!

Hello all my beloved readers.

Just returned from Florida and I have a ton to write and post in the next few days. However, I think that this needed sharing. This just proves that my Calder is a goof. Hang on for the last 20 seconds or so for the payoff.


Tammy said...

I don't remember much about my trip to Epcot but I do remember that scary boat ride!!! And the ride where we went through a plant nursery. And the smelly smelly smell of Morocco.

Welcome home!

Lori said... turned off the camera just when it was getting good! The way Calder was describing it, I wanted to hear more about that scary boat ride!

I can't wait to hear all about your trip. I don't see tons of people in the hopefully you didn't hit any crowds!

Heather and Jake said...

I don't think you guys were going to go to Epcot Center? We are excited to hear about your trip. I think Calder should tell us all about it:)